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8 common senses of wearing stainless steel jewelry

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        Many people like to wear stainless steel jewelry, but it is easy to fade, how can this be done? On the one hand, it is the manufacturer's reason. On the other hand, it is the reason that the individual wears it. Paying attention to the habit of personal wear can make the color retention more durable. Hengda Xin stainless steel jewelry manufacturers teach you eight maintenance knowledge, so that jewelry color retention longer.

        1, stainless steel jewelry is a high corrosion resistance and high temperature hardness of jewelry, often with a thin flannel wipe, you can keep the jewelry bright.

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        2. When swimming or bathing, be sure to remove the stainless steel jewelry so that the surface of the jewelry does not wear out after encountering seawater or pool water.

        3. If there are friction scratches on the surface of stainless steel products, it is easy to accelerate the metal oxidation. Therefore, when the surface of the jewelry is oxidized in light brown color or is corroded by chlorides (such as swimming pool water), please clean it in time.

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        4, if you do not need to wear stainless steel jewelry, please seal and save, to avoid its luminosity weakened.
        5. When doing household chores daily, you need to remove the jewelry to avoid chemical or oil stains affecting its brightness.

        6, if you participate in strenuous exercise or heavy objects, please try to avoid wearing stainless steel jewelry, jewelry to avoid damage caused by friction, collision cracked surface, inlaid accessories off and so on; in order to avoid jewelry touches flavor substances, it is recommended dressing Wear it afterwards.

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        7. Avoid wearing this product in hot spring areas and sea areas to prevent the stainless steel jewelry from contacting the sulfide to wear the surface.
        8, the maintenance of stainless steel jewelry, should avoid contact with acid and alkaline substances and high temperature, or easy to destroy its stainless steel composition.