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China Jewelry Supplier | Hengda Xin Stainless Steel Jewelry Factory

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Hengda Xin Jewelry Company is a Chinese jewelry supplier specializing in R&D, design, production and sales of stainless steel jewelry. There are three jewelry manufacturers, a vacuum plating factory, 7000 square meters of large-scale processing base, more than 200 employees, can be customized for large quantities of jewelry, rapid production, on time delivery.

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The electroplating used by Hengdaxin jewelry suppliers are all tested by "true gold" electroplating. The contents of lead, nickel, cadmium and other elements are all lower than those of European and American environmental accessories. The inlays are inlaid by skilled workers of 2 years or more to ensure that the diamond surface of the product is flat.

Hengda Xin jewelry suppliers are divided into two kinds of polishing. Plane polishing is mainly done with polishing machines imported from Germany; complex curved surfaces are polished by skilled workers for more than 3 years. Make sure that each product's smooth surface is free from trachoma and no bulges.

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The production process adopts Six Sigma management standards, 18 basic production processes, and 7 inspection processes to ensure each product.