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Creative jewelry customization | Hengda Xin stainless steel jewelry factory

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        At present, Hengda Xin stainless steel jewelry factory has 10 designers, providing free design services for our long-term customers. After the customer decides to choose a style, he will first make a sample and then make a batch of goods. This style is only for this one customer to protect our customers' interests.

Hengdaxin stainless steel jewelry factory

        With the improvement of the Internet website and WEB2.0 technology, fashion jewelry wholesale, customization and sales have now been converted from the original boutiques and gift shops to the current B2C website. Now a large number of creative fashion jewelry wholesales have emerged. Gift customized platform. Shenzhen Hengdaxin stainless steel jewelry factory is using the power of the Internet to optimize the formation of the network service sector. While allowing consumers to select products that need customization, customers can also create creative designs on these creative custom platforms.
        For example, photos, names, birthday dates, etc. of self, lover, friend, family, etc. are designed as their own stainless steel jewelry products, and then the stainless steel jewelry factory conducts production customization according to their designed renderings. In this way, consumers can harvest their own customized creative gifts, which are of great significance and creativity.