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New Stainless Steel Jewelry - Hengda Xin Jewelry Supply

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        Shenzhen Hengda Xin inherited 14 years of jewelry production process, focusing on the new stainless steel jewelry customization, processing series, for the South China South China large stainless steel jewelry manufacturers. With an elite design team including Korean designers, QC controls the entire process, strictly controls the production line, checks the quality of each layer, and strictly follows the strict guidelines.

new stainless steel jewelry

        According to the current fashion elements and design concepts to design new stainless steel jewelry, more than 200 new models are developed every month. Styles include: Korean fashion jewelry, star style jewelry, couple jewelry, European and American jewelry, fashion new products and more. From old to young, meet the needs of the jewelry market as much as possible. The sales region covers 22 provinces in China and exports to Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea and other countries with a high market share.
        Hengda Xin's new stainless steel jewelry advantages:
        1. With 316L stainless steel, wear and corrosion protection.
        2. Vacuum plating process, real gold film, lasting color retention.
        3. Fusion trend elements, diverse styles, fashion and elegance.
        4. Support to map customization, original design, strong competitiveness.