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Prevent Stainless Steel Jewelry from Fading - Care Tips

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        The current technology and technology can ensure that stainless steel jewelry is not easy to fade, but in some real-life situations, improper wearing will have a certain impact on the jewelry itself. Next,then teach you how to better maintain stainless steel jewelry:

        1. First of all, stainless steel jewelry items belong to metal materials, so jewelry stored should avoid corrosive chemicals;

stainless steel jewelry
        2, some stainless steel jewelry will be decorated with diamonds, shells and agate and other decorations, be careful when storing to prevent extrusion or collision;

        3, the usual movement of human skin surface will produce sweat, how many will have a certain degree of corrosion of stainless steel jewelry, will affect the jewelry surface gloss, it is recommended that the usual exercise process is best not to wear stainless steel jewelry;

stainless steel jewelry
        4, the same is in the bathing or swimming process, in order to protect the surface of stainless steel jewelry metal gloss for a longer time, to reduce the long-term contact with water because of jewelry water electrolysis and other chemical phenomena, it is not recommended to wear jewelry during swimming or bathing;

        5. If you don’t wear it for a while or do not wear stainless steel jewelry for a long time, it is recommended to wipe the jewelry surface with a soft cloth in the same direction and then store it. This treatment can effectively extend the wearing life of stainless steel jewelry;