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The difference between 18K and pure gold in 18k gold stainless steel jewelry

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18k gold is widely used in stainless steel jewelry. When we purchase the rings, we can found that many rings inside the ring engraved with 18K words. But, what does it mean? Is the ring of raw materials is 18K gold? What is the meaning of 18K gold? What is the difference with pure gold? Below, we will interpret these issues one by one.

Compared with 18K gold and gold, the difference might be the gold content, 18K gold with gold content is 75%. K gold has many colors, different metal content of different colors will lead to different colors of stainless steel jewelry. Generally, we can see the K gold are with yellow or white. It will become white colors when the gold mixed with 25% of palladium or nickel. The main component of its composition is still gold, and we called it white gold.


K gold according to the content of gold can be divided into many kinds. Usually the most common is 18K gold stainless steel jewelry. So what is the gold content of 18K gold? 1K gold content is 4.1667%, 18K is 18 × 4.1667% = 75%, that is, "18K gold" stainless steel jewelry with a real gold content of 75%. "18K white gold" is the pure gold content of 75%, palladium or nickel content of 25%. K gold series jewelry, mainly 22K, 18K, 14K, 10K, and 8K and so on.As 18K gold is flexible and moderate, easy to shape, personality and strong, with expression and other characteristics, was favored by jewelry artists, stainless steel jewelry, and become a selection of stainless steel jewelry of art materials.

K gold jewelry is very popular in Europe, it is very popular and trendy on the market for the items with K-GOLD. It's specifically refers to the amount of 14-18K Italian craft K gold jewelry. We generally call the pure gold as 24K gold, but it is the theoretical gold content of pure gold. In fact, pure gold does not exist, with the current state of the art, the people still cannot extract all the gold. Therefore, the national norms, businesses indicate the gold content of pure gold jewelry shall not be used "24K gold" norms of non-standard methods. Since pure gold is said to be 24K, which means that all the gold in theory is free of impurities, then 1K means the gold product contains 1 / 24th of pure gold, about 4.16%. 18K gold represents the gold content of 18/24, which contains 75% pure gold, the other for other materials such as silver or brass.

In recent years, stainless steel jewelry is very popular, which extends a lot of jewelry manufacturers to join them, especially in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other coastal cities. But lots of people do not know why the stainless steel jewelry market become popular, what is the reasons for all of these? Here is the answer for you.

In recent years, the pursuit of fashion groups continue to expand, from old to young, the demand for fashion accessories in daily life is also increasing, fashion products are related to all aspects of life, dress, diet, practices, daily life, etc., these is caused to the fashion jewelry to be growth.

In addition, the material of stainless steel relative to other materials, with strong acid, alkali resistance, strong wear resistance, shiny and so beautiful, so the fashion jewelry, stainless steel jewelry occupy the proportion is relatively large, which is also the main reasons of jewelry manufacturers fancy this market in the nearly years.


From the consumer's points, the stainless steel surface is not change because of the environment. It still can keeps shiny and smooth after a long-time wearing. We needn't to deliberately clean or maintain it, just need to wipe it from time to time, simple and convenient. And the metallic luster of stainless steel and platinum luster is very close, noble and modern, the price is relatively cheap, so many young people are very fond of wearing this style of stainless steel jewelry, We can say that is the characteristics of conquering consumers of stainless steel jewelry.

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