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compliance with L'Oreal jewelry processing and inspection standards

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About HDX

Shenzhen HDX Jewelry Co., Ltd. specializes in producing custom stainless steel rings, steel necklaces, steel earrings, steel bracelets, steel bracelets and other fashion trends jewelries; successfully to supports 58 jewelry brand companies in the world to occupy the local market!

Factory-or-equipment Factory or equipment

With R & D design, production, OEM and wholesale in one of the large-scale industry and trade enterprises, its three jewelry factory joint manufacturing, HDX company has a total number of more than 400 people, covers an area of 7,000 square meters. The current monthly output of finished products has exceeded 500,000 pieces, More than 200 companies designated jewelry manufacturers.

At present HDX has engraving machine, wire cutting machine, spark machine, lathe, punch, grinder and a full set of advanced production equipment. Equipped with a R & D team with more than 30 professionals.

Certification of or honor Certification of or honor

Our products are mainly exported all over the world markets, according to the requirements of customers, production accordingly with international environmental standards ROSH inspection standards.

HDX company's products are sold directly to all over the world, won great internationally renowned brand manufacturers recognition and recognition. World-renowned enterprises designated. every year won the customers as ★ excellent supplier ★ such as the honorary title since operating.

development history

  • 2021year
    increase 925 silver and brass jewelry production line, personalized R & D and customized production
  • 2020year
    become the suppliers for major online celebrities to provide high quality and fine jewelries, daily output is up 300 million pieces
  • 2019year
    we insist on continuously improving the customer relationship system and improving the quality of jewelries. Meanwhile, we have passed the third part factory inspection standard of L'Oreal.
  • 2018year
    we joined the international BSCI Social Responsibility Standard System, facing for more high-end jewelry brands.
  • 2017year
    statistically, we have successfully helped the world's 54 plus jewelry brands to hatch brands and occupy the local market.
  • 2016year
    In 2016, we also acquired a jewelry processing plant to expand the scale of the total production area of 7,000 square meters, the total production reached 400 people, with 30 designers and 20 engineers.
  • 2015year
    In 2015, due to the change of market trend, Customers' requirements on the color retention of jewelry were higher. Therefore, we set up our own vacuum plating factory for jewelry. The quality of vacuum electroplating of jewelry increased by one level on the original basis. Longer
  • 2014year
    This year was another year witnessing the strength of Hengda Xin Jewelry Company becoming stronger again. We became the partner of George Armani in China.
  • 2013year
    In 2013, this was a year of misery. As the domestic economic situation was complicated and harsh, the market trend of jewelery was so stormy that Hengda Xin stumbled and eventually we survived.
  • 2012year
    In 2012, Two other jewelry factories joined hands with each other to open up the Alibaba TrustPass stores for a broader customer base.
  • 2011year
    In 2011, time flies as the sun and the moon. The first eight years, Hengda Xin titanium steel necklace product category occupy the first total sales in southern China, total sales exceeded 30 million.
  • 2010year
    In 2010, a year of economic growth, Hengda Xin formally joined the Made in China Foreign Trade Station, for more overseas customers
  • 2009year
    In 2009, this was an extraordinary year. We acquired three other jewelry factories and expanded the production scale. The annual production volume exceeded 7 million pieces.
  • 2008year
    In 2008, Due to the trend of the Internet tide hit, Shenzhen Hengda Xin jewelry advancing with the times, the formation of 20 professional e-commerce talent, the official into Internet.
  • 2007year
    In 2007, Shenzhen Hengda Xin titanium steel jewelry with 65% of sales in southern China, which is one of the most powerful custom OEM manufacturers.
  • 2006year
    In 2006, our products have won the recognition of our customers and won the title of "excellent supplier" .
  • 2005year
    In 2005, with two years of efforts of the team, HDX total sales volume of titanium steel necklaces exceeded 3 million pieces!
  • 2004year
    In 2004, Shenzhen Hengda Xin Jewelry Co., Ltd founded.