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China Hengda Xin Jewelry Factory | Stainless Steel Ornaments Supplier

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        Hengda Xin Jewelry Factory is a supplier of stainless steel jewelry in China and is located in Shenzhen Shajing. Has been focusing on stainless steel jewelry industry for 14 years, its own jewelry design team, monthly independent innovation of more than 200 jewelry, a variety of options, and can provide customized jewelry services, jewelry processing services.

        All stainless steel jewelry is made of high quality 316L stainless steel. Environmental protection vacuum plating process, lead, nickel, cadmium and other elements are lower than the European and American environmental protection jewelry control range, green pollution-free.

stainless steel jewelry

        Artificial hand-inlaid to ensure that the diamond-studded stainless steel jewelry product surface smooth, no glue exposed at the diamond location, uniform spacing, so that the entire product more quality.

        Hengda Xin jewelry factory adopts a complete ERP production management system throughout the process, QC quality control, the quality of stainless steel jewelry checks, to ensure that every step of the production line to achieve excellence.