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HDX stainless steel accessories are top popular in jewelry market

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Popular stainless steel jewelry market needs rapid response,it has some difficulty for the processing of traditional industry. HDX focus on independent research and development, with more than 300 new listings monthly, attracting a large number of loyal customers, We are also working hard in brand-built. And we are ready to do franchise stores, then we can share the success to the people who believe HDX brand ! This is also the big boss Mr Fu’s goal and leadership.


It’s not enough light to do these. HDX people is still accelerating pace. Each new designs has been followed by the market. Some designs designed last year have been imitated on the market, forcing us to keep moving forward.

Currently, HDX has 28 designers, they are working for the long-term cooperation customers to provide free stainless steel jewelry design services. Making new samples for choose. When the client choose which style and made bulk goods, then this style is just belong to this client. It cannot to sell to other people any more.


With the improvement of the Internet and WEB2.0 technology, fashion jewelry wholesale, customization and sales now had been converted from the original boutiques and gift shops to the online B2C shop, now a large number of creative gifts such as fashion jewelry wholesale are emerging Platform.

Shenzhen HDX Jewelry Co., Ltd. adopt the convenient of Internet, optimizing the formation of internal network services sector, allowing consumers to choose the custom stainless steel jewelry, They can also to create the designs from the above platform, then HDX staffs according to their design's sketches to make customized production. In this way, the customers can get their own custom gift, the world's unique creative gift, a very meaningful custom gift.E-mail: